In South Africa, where suburb names are duplicated across the country and postal codes cover large areas, giving an accurate delivery address can be a challenge when shopping online.

Imprecise and unreliable addressing has made it difficult for courier drivers to make successful and timely deliveries, and means customers often don’t get the speedy service they expect. And when they’re waiting on a much anticipated high-end item, they want to know that their delivery will be made swiftly and safely to the right location.

This is why iStore, the sole distributor of Apple products in sub-Saharan Africa, is now offering delivery to 3 word addresses throughout South Africa. When shopping for next-generation devices on myistore.co.za, customers can now enter the precise 3 word address for their delivery entrance at checkout, whether it’s a front door, side entrance, or any other secure delivery location.

By giving people the option to use 3 word addresses, iStore is ensuring that products get to their destination securely and on time, while putting customers’ minds at ease. Start shopping for your next Apple device here.