Domino’s Pizza is now using what3words to make deliveries easier and more efficient in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. When customers place an order over the phone, they can request their food to be delivered to an exact building entrance using a 3 word address.

Location can be difficult to communicate in KSA, and customers spend a lot of time on the phone explaining where they would like their pizza delivered to. Descriptions are long and confusing, and having to direct a driver who has made it to a nearby landmark but can’t find the correct front door is frustrating for both parties.

A 3 word address makes it easy for people to tell call handlers exactly where they want their pizza delivered, and means drivers no longer have to stop to make phone calls on the way or drive up and down streets. The food is no longer delayed because of imprecise addresses, and customer experience is improved.

‘The unique and disruptive technology that what3words offers has the potential to have a huge impact on delivery and logistics, globally. At Domino’s, we pride ourselves in always offering our customers the most innovative and exciting delivery experience. We are proud to be early adopters of the service and play a leading role in bringing what3words to Saudi Arabia, which will improve customer satisfaction, alongside enabling faster and more reliable deliveries.’ said Ibrahem AlSuhaibani, COO at Domino’s Pizza KSA.

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