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Mercedes-Benz is the first car company to integrate what3words into its in-car navigation systems. Drivers with compatible models can now say or type in a 3 word address to get directions to a precise 3m x 3m location, anywhere in the world.

The adoption of what3words shows the company’s commitment to a premium and intuitive customer experience and sees Mercedes-Benz leading the way in destination input.

Solving an industry-wide problem

In a recent survey of new car owners, JD Power found that car navigation systems being difficult to use and inaccurate is one of the most frequently reported problems, along with voice recognition issues.

The automotive industry has struggled to improve these features, and a significant reason is that the world’s street addressing systems are incompatible with modern navigation needs, and especially voice input.

‘Street addresses were just not built for voice input’ says Chris Sheldrick, CEO and co-founder of what3words. ‘15 Ammanford Road and 50 Ammanford Road are hard for a voice system to distinguish between, and many road names aren’t unique. There are 14 different Church Roads in London, and 632 Juarez streets in Mexico City. Street addresses can also be difficult to pronounce correctly. The town of Godmanchester, is actually pronounced ‘Gumster’. Mercedes-Benz is known for innovation, so it’s no surprise to us that it is the first automotive company to integrate our system into their vehicles’.

An accurate and intuitive experience

what3words removes the frustration often associated with in-car navigation, providing a smoother and more enjoyable overall experience for drivers.

Every 3 word address is unique and the AutoSuggest feature helps to spot and correct input mistakes, making sure drivers reach the correct destination every time. Navigating to a precise 3m x 3m location allows drivers to input not just a building, but a precise entrance or parking spot, for a truly seamless experience.

what3words also opens up the world, enabling Mercedes-Benz drivers to input destinations with no street address at all – a wedding venue hidden in the countryside, a beachside viewpoint or a scenic viewpoint for example.

Which cars currently offer what3words?

The first cars with what3words technology integrated into the navigation system are the all new 2018 Mercedes-Benz A-Class vehicles. Existing vehicles with the latest COMAND also have what3words enabled via an over-the-air update, as long as they are linked to Mercedes me and have Local Search activated.

How do I use what3words voice navigation?

Once you know the 3 word address of your destination, use the voice command ‘Navigate to what3words’ followed by the three words. You do not need to say the dots between each word.

Please note the system requirements:

MBUX: Make sure connectivity is available, your vehicle is linked to a Mercedes me account and the services ‘Global Search’ and ‘Voice Assistant’ are activated.

Latest COMAND generation: Make sure connectivity is available, your vehicle is linked to Mercedes me account, and the ‘Local Search’ service is activated.