Ever since we launched the Mongolian version of our app in 2016, what3words has made a significant impact in this vast country, where addressing is often reliant on landmarks and descriptions. We work with the national postal service to enable every one of Mongolia’s 3 million people to receive mail, even in the most remote locations; we have partnered with Lonely Planet to list 3 word addresses in its latest Mongolia guide, so tourists can find adventures, and 3 word addresses enabled the nomadic Dukha tribe to put their camp on Airbnb.

We are excited to announce our next partnership in Mongolia: the Trade and Development Bank (TBD) will be using 3 word addresses to help customers find the bank’s ATMs and branches easily. The introduction of what3words will also allow customers to register for a bank account using a 3 word address, granting better access to digital banking services to the many Mongolians living in remote and unaddressed areas.