Tuvalu Post is adopting what3words to give citizens better access to postal services.

Tuvalu, formerly known as the Ellice Islands, is spread across nine islands in the South Pacific, south of Kiribati and north of Fiji, and has a population of 11,000. Addressing within the country is still in its early stages. Fewer than 10 streets in its capital are named, and only 100 homes and 10 businesses have a postal address.

This means that the majority of citizens need to travel away from their homes to send or retrieve post. And some don’t have access to postal services at all.

This is about to change with the help of what3words. Tuvalu Post, the country’s official postal operator is making what3words a national standard for addresses, enabling home deliveries for the first time.

To benefit from the new addressing system, home and business owners in Tuvalu will be encouraged to discover their 3 word address via the what3words website or the free app, and to add their 3 word address to their existing address information.

The adoption of what3words will help solve the problem of poor and inconsistent addressing across Tuvalu while driving efficiencies and generating revenues for Tuvalu Post by enabling them to handle more inbound international parcels and e-commerce purchases. Tuvalu is now the ninth country to adopt what3words.