Groceries, post and even pizza are now being delivered to remote parts of the world, previously cut off because they lacked an address.

what3words was at Arusha, Tanzania’s TEDGlobal conference, updating its effort to give “everyone an address”.

“Without an address you might as well not exist,” said the UK start-up’s co-founder Chris Sheldrick.

“So many services that people take for granted such as applying for a bank account or a utility require an address. For some it is either impossible or a huge struggle to get these things.”

Domino’s Pizza is using the system to deliver pizzas in the Caribbean island of St Maarten. (One of its own addresses on the island is ///flout.appraiser.interpreter).

what3words has also just signed a deal with Khan bank in Mongolia that will allow residents to put the three words that make up their location on a form when applying for a bank account.

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