[UN]cultivated is a nonprofit organisation that aims to preserve indigenous knowledge and cultivate food systems in harmony with nature. They have created a map of businesses and individuals that contribute to the local food system, and train volunteers across the US to update the database.

Many of the featured farms, countryside houses, community gardens, farmer’s markets and roadside food stalls aren’t accurately addressed and therefore hard to find. [UN]cultivated has integrated what3words into their map and the form volunteers use to record contributors, so that locals and tourists can easily find them wherever they are, with a 3 word address.

To encourage people to explore these places and buy local, they have prototyped ‘Local Foodshed Passports’ that list contributors along with their information and 3 word address. People will be able to collect the stamps of the places they visit and win rewards while supporting the local economy.

[UN]cultivated is on a bigger mission. As of June, they’re a partner of the World Youth Congress, and will be training young people around the world to map local food systems using 3 word addresses. Soon, the stories of local and regional food system and contributors will be in a well-deserved spotlight. And everyone will know how to find them.