Banjoo Superstore is a Liberian e-commerce company selling groceries and home and office supplies for home delivery. Their customers include both locals, and people living internationally who want to purchase items for family and friends in Liberia.

Liberia has no formal addressing system, and no home mail deliveries, so telling delivery drivers where to bring purchases can be difficult and frustrating. Banjoo Superstore are one of the only companies offering home delivery, and have found an innovative solution: 3 word addresses.


Customers can now enter their 3 word address at checkout, providing Banjoo Superstore’s delivery driver with a reliable and accurate delivery location. With a 3 word address, the driver can navigate to the price 3m x 3m square of the customer’s front door. Deliveries find their destination first time, every time, without the need for annoying phone calls from lost drivers.

You can see what Banjoo Superstore has to offer on its website.