FleetWizard is a Leeds-based company that specialises in route optimisation for a variety of businesses. Its solutions automate multi-depot, multi-route and multi-drop scheduling to create optimal trips and assign businesses’ resources efficiently.

Imprecise addressing makes route optimisation less effective. When street addresses are loaded into navigation systems, location pins drop in the centre of buildings or postcode areas, leaving the delivery driver to work out where exactly to make the drop-off. During deliveries to destinations like construction sites that may be vast, have multiple drop-off points and are often unaddressed, drivers regularly waste time looking for the right entrance or delivery point. This makes the scheduling of multi-drop trips less accurate and lowers efficiency.

FleetWizard has integrated what3words, allowing its customers to enter 3 word addresses for delivery points. A 3 word address is accurate to a precise 3m x 3m square, enabling more efficient route optimisation. Drivers are given the best route possible between precise destinations, stay on schedule and arrive exactly where they need to be. For FleetWizard’s customers, this means both money and time is saved, and CO2 emissions are lowered too.