HERE Technologies, the world’s leading location data and technology platform, today announced an expansion of its global partnership with innovative addressing system what3words. Starting this year, customers using the HERE platform’s Location Services application programming interfaces (APIs) will be able to easily activate their what3words license via HERE.

HERE is making what3words available in its platform amid increasing consumer demand for the innovative location technology. HERE’s automotive customers are already able to activate their what3words license via their HERE account managers, and the latest agreement between the two companies will bring this offering to customers across other verticals.

what3words is revolutionising the way the world communicates location. It has divided the globe into a grid of 3 meter x 3 meter squares, and given each one a unique combination of three words: a what3words address. For example, ///wished.propeller.powerful will take you to a bench with one of the best viewpoints in the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area in Nevada, near Las Vegas. what3words enables users to easily convey locations as specific as delivery entrances, parking spots and stadium gates, and it provides easy location references in places with no street addresses, such as beaches, parks and remote hiking trails.

HERE and what3words first partnered in 2020 to offer automotive customers the next generation of precision in-car navigation. Since this announcement, the joint solution has already enabled major players including Jaguar Land Rover to enable the technology with ease.

The HERE location platform is recognised as the most complete in the industry, powering location-based products, services and custom maps for organizations and enterprises across the globe. Customers of HERE include nearly every global automaker, leaders in e-commerce, transportation and logistics, and public sector agencies worldwide. By adding what3words functionality to its platform, HERE is making it as quick and easy as possible for these clients to introduce the tech to their own systems. This has proven to be increasingly important to customers as consumer demand for what3words continues to grow across the globe.

Clare Jones, Chief Commercial Officer at what3words commented “Our partnership with HERE has proven to be a major accelerant to our growth in the automotive industry. Integrations that would have taken years of development can now be done in months, and innovative updates can even be delivered over-the-air. The speed and ease offered by this partnership will enable what3words to leapfrog slow legacy processes that have held back innovation in other industries, and we’re incredibly excited by the opportunities this partnership presents.”

Remco Timmer, Vice President of Product & Technology at HERE Technologies commented “As the world’s leading location platform, we’re committed to providing our customers with best-in-class products and services. what3words’ innovative technology creates another layer of precision in the way the world communicates location and we see so much potential in making what3words readily available for thousands of our customers around the world*.”

*additional conditions may apply