BluJay Solutions, a leading provider of supply chain software, has integrated what3words into MobileSTAR, its last mile delivery solution app. The app allows carriers to manage their deliveries with handy features like last-mile routing and live updates. BluJay’s customers can now specify exact delivery and pickup locations with 3 word addresses, and benefit from more accurate and efficient deliveries.

“For BluJay, it’s important to take a lead ushering in this next-gen addressing technology for our customers and last-mile logistics. The world is moving to more geolocation-based addressing, which not only solves a number of limitations inherent with traditional street-level addressing, but also opens new opportunities and applications for more precise, practical pick-up and drop-off points,” said Doug Surrett, Chief Product Strategist at BluJay Solutions. At the same time, logistics is shifting away from DC-to-retail models, toward more home delivery, and with that comes an incredible level of flexibility that customers are demanding. With the what3words integration, BluJay enables customers to use pinpointed universal addresses that enable efficient delivery anywhere.”

Retailers, distributors, freight forwarders, manufacturers, logistics service providers and carriers that use the MobileSTAR app can now enjoy a slicker experience, and pass on the benefits of more efficient deliveries to their own customers.