It’s faster to get to a destination when you know exactly where it is. For the logistics and transportation industries, this is a simple yet important truth.

When drivers enter addresses or postcodes into digital maps, pins are frequently dropped on imprecise locations, such as the centre of a building or an industrial estate. As a result, time spent searching for the right building, entrance, or both, can quickly add up to late drop-offs and pick-ups as well as lower productivity levels.

To help logistics and transportation companies operate more efficiently, Log-Hub has integrated what3words technology into all its geo-related apps.

Log-Hub offers an app portfolio of Supply Chain solutions to the logistics industry. With its new what3words Excel Add-In, Log-Hub’s customers can generate 3 word addresses for delivery destinations and use them in their chosen route optimisation tool.

With more granular location information and what3words available in 26 languages, companies can plan and optimise their delivery routes anywhere in the world.

‘No matter how confusing an area may be to navigate, using what3words alongside intelligent algorithms and real time traffic data means that logistics companies can be confident every delivery runs smoothly and at minimal cost’, said Jan Sigmund, CTO of Log­hub.