The world is increasingly on-demand, with food, products and even laundry now ordered with the simple tap of an app. Whilst consumers enjoy the peace of mind and increased flexibility of same-day, and even one-hour delivery, businesses are working hard to meet their high expectations without falling behind or breaking the bank.

LogiNext Solutions offers tools to help businesses streamline their logistics and field service operations and reduce costs. All of their products are enabled with real-time tracking, routing and scheduling features. They are committed to providing their customers with the most efficient solutions, so have now integrated what3words.

3 word addresses are being used by logistics companies, couriers and on-demand delivery businesses, giving customers an easy way to specify precise pick-up and drop-off points. They are more accurate and reliable than street addresses or postcodes, which often direct delivery drivers to the wrong location, wasting valuable time and money. 3 word addresses can also be used in places where no reliable addressing system exists, or to deliver to parks, beaches and mobile businesses.

LogiNext’s tools are now fully compatible with what3words. Their customers can now log in to the LogiNext product dashboards and plan their entire field service and workforce operations with 100% accuracy to 3m x 3m, anywhere in the world. This level of precision help their customers operate more efficiently, and gives LogiNext a unique edge over their competitors.

“Location has always been one of the most important aspects of any business operations” said Dhruvil Sanghvi, CEO of LogiNext. “On average, companies lose around 10% of their efficiency because of unstructured addresses and unoptimized routes. With this partnership, we plan to help large enterprises and governments across the world to reduce the distance travelled and time spent by their field workforce on the ground”.

You can find out more about LogiNext solutions on their website.