In many developing countries, internet access, smartphone ownership and disposable income are on the rise. More people than ever have the means and the desire to access on-demand services, but they lack one essential thing – a reliable address for delivery.

In Kenya, traditional street addresses are often ambiguous, or totally non-existent. People cannot order goods or book a taxi online, as they worry it will arrive late, or not at all. Delivery drivers struggle to find customers, often resorting to calling them for directions. This is time consuming and costly for delivery companies, and frustrating for customers.

Runex is a Nairobi-based parcel courier and taxi company that also delivers food on demand. what3words integration allows its customers to order using a 3 word address on their website and mobile app. 3 word addresses are unique, and accurate to 3m x 3m, meaning drivers can quickly and easily find delivery locations without wasting time getting lost, or calling for directions.

Their customers now enjoy a faster and more reliable service – food arrives hotter, and they spend less time waiting around for taxis that can’t find them. They no longer receive frustrating phone calls from drivers, and their parcels are delivered at the right place, on time.

Runex benefits from a more cost-effective delivery service, as well as repeat orders and recommendations from satisfied customers. And as everyone, everywhere has a 3 word address, Runex’s services have been opened up to people who couldn’t use them before, expanding their customer base.


“what3words means that now no Kenyan is beyond reach,” said Sulaiman Sidibe, Runex CEO. “We are committed to providing the most efficient and reliable service to our customers, and what3words is an important step along the way.”