Getting to events can be stressful, as everyone wants to get to the venue and into their seat in good time before the show begins. Sometimes people will not even be allowed in if they arrive late, so being able to find the right theatre, hotel or restaurant without complications is crucial.


To combat this problem, Ticket.mn are using 3 word addresses. These are precise, easy-to-use and accurate to 3m x 3m. 3 word addresses are available in a number of languages including Mongolian, so they can be used by everyone, from Ulaanbaatar locals to tourists visiting Mongolia and taking in a show. Also, while some apps require an internet connection to work, what3words works offline. This means that even if people are struggling to get a data connection, they won’t be struggling to get to an event booked through Ticket.mn.

By integrating what3words, Ticket.mn have made it possible for people to find exactly the right place, without needing to make frustrating calls to the venue for directions. Now people can get on with enjoying themselves at the event, and don’t need to worry about getting lost. The 3 word address is easily communicable over the phone or via SMS, so it’s easy to share with everyone trying to get to the venue.

For more information on Ticket.mn, visit their website.