The Towersey Festival is an annual event with live music, dance and cultural workshops. Over 10,000 guests, including families, visit the festival over the weekend each year in fields of rural Oxfordshire.

However, with no formal addressing infrastructure, patchy mobile data coverage and few fixed landmarks, communicating precise locations is difficult, frustrating and potentially dangerous.

This year, the Towersey organisers used what3words to collect addresses for key locations around the festival during set up.

what3words is a global location reference system that has divided the world into 57 trillion 3metre x 3metre squares and pre-assigned each of them a unique 3 word address. It means everywhere on the planet, no matter how remote, now has a simple address that can be easily communicated and navigated to.

Every marquee, campsite and gate marquee, stage or artists’ corner now has its own unique address made of just 3 words. The Glamping site can be found at operating.tempting.paints, while the food court is at outdoor.regularly.exits.

It means revellers trying to locate first aid points, showers or toilets can type in the 3 word address into the what3words iPhone or android app and navigate to the exact spot they need. Those trying to meet each other, remember where they parked their car or pitched their tent can use the app to find the unique 3 word address for that location and then SMS, email, write it or tell someone.

The system even works offline; with no data connection users can still find their way around.

Thanks to Towersey, with their map and the free, offline what3words app, guests can simply find everything at the festival, and meet friends and family too.