Korea-based company iNavi Systems, which specialises in mobility platform development for ride-hailing and delivery, has integrated what3words into its offering.

iNavi Systems’ customers, including taxi and last mile delivery service providers, will now have access to what3words’ location technology.

what3words has divided the world into a grid of 3m x 3m squares, and has given each square a unique address made of three random words. It means any specific location has a unique three word identifier, for example, you can find Exit 1 of Pangyo Station at ///fooling.jiffy.monopoly . what3words is available in 60 languages to date, including Korean, and is free to download for both iOS and Android , and via the online map .

People using platforms powered by iNavi Systems will now be able to enter what3words addresses for precise pick-up and drop-off locations for taxis, deliveries and navigation purposes. This will enable businesses to offer more accurate, efficient and reliable services.

Lee Eun-bok, Head of the Mobility Business Division at iNavi Systems , said: “The most important point in mobility services is the accuracy of the user’s travelling spots. Cooperation with what3words will be a great opportunity to maximise this point and provide high quality services to various mobility operators.”

Co-Founder and CEO of what3words, Chris Sheldrick adds: “Inaccurate addressing can make operations difficult in the ride-hailing, food delivery, logistics, and automotive industries. It means taxis can’t find precise pick-up or drop-off locations, couriers struggle to find the right front door, or a food delivery driver gets stuck looking for the right apartment building entrance. It’s hugely exciting to grow our partnership with iNavi to bring our unique addressing solution to more and more businesses in Korea.”