Navmii, the award winning smart navigation and traffic app, has fully integrated what3words. It means users can discover, save, share and navigate to a 3 word address directly from within the Navmii app. This is incredibly useful for areas without a postcode or street address or where they are inaccurate. Rather than having to use the what3words app in combination with other apps you can simply use Navmii.  As Navmii’s maps are downloadable the system will also work offline, without a data connection, all over the world.

Now, to discover a 3 word address in Navmii, zoom in and tap on the desired location on the map and it will be displayed. When you search for any location using any place name, lat/long or street address you’ll be shown it on the map and also given the 3 word address. And you can just pop a 3 word address into Navmii search and it will show you the precise pin point on the map and give you voice guided instructions telling you how to get there.

The Navmii &; what3words partnership aims to make it easier for people to connect to places – removing the need to remember inaccurate and lengthy postal addresses or latitude and longitude coordinates.

Navmii will now be able to navigate its users to exactly the right entrance at a venue or help them track down friends at a festival by sharing just three simple, unique words.

Poor addressing and navigation causes Britons to spend over 22 million hours a year lost while abroad and it is the number 1 cause of arguments between couples when they travel. Poor addressing also costs businesses millions in incomplete deliveries; UPS estimate that saving 1 mile per driver per day equates to a $50m annual saving.

Peter Atalla, CEO of Navmii says: “Postcodes and addresses only go so far. Consider Wembley Stadium and its numerous entrances – the what3words integration means that if a Navmii user wants to meet friends at the south west side of the stadium, all they have to do is enter ‘mostly.scared.swing’ into the search bar and Navmii will take care of the rest. We are dedicated to making navigation and connecting people to places much simpler.”

Navmii’s free mobile navigation app combines voice-guided navigation, live traffic information, local search and safe driver ratings to create a community of smart, engaged and active drivers. The app is available for iOS &; Android and already has more than 26 million downloads and is available across 90 countries. Navmii is powered by its own mapping data and real-time Navmii community updates, combined with OpenStreetMap to create free and accurate driving advice.