Brazil will be teeming with tourists during the 2016 Summer Olympics, with an extra 500,000 visitors descending on Rio de Janeiro alone. RioGo, the award-winning Olympics planning app, has integrated what3words to ensure that nobody gets lost in this bustling metropolis.

Creating the ideal route through Rio

The RioGo app puts the Olympic Games at your fingertips. Using the same trip planning tools as TripGo, tourists, workers and athletes alike can plan a journey across Rio de Janeiro. The app pulls in all available modes of public and private transport, to suggest the fastest, cheapest or environmentally friendliest route possible. RioGo then creates an itinerary to follow and alerts the user when to leave and what mode of transport to take.

Mapping the municipality

Integrated into the RioGo app is the what3words addressing system. The service creates a 3-word address for every 3x3m square in the city, making travel to a specific location as easy as typing 3 words. The service even works offline, so users can always find their way.

“We are on a mission to change the way people communicate location, to make the world a more efficient, less frustrating and a safer place with 3 word addresses,” says Chris Sheldrick, CEO and co-founder of what3words. “With what3words, there’s simply no reason to get lost in Rio this year.”

Uncovering the delights of Samba Central

As well as RioGo, what3words features in travel apps including PocketEarth, Navmii and TripUGo . So even after all the medals have been decided, visitors can still discover the famous sights of the city using a 3-word address.

About RioGo

The customised RioGo app was created earlier this year by Sydney-based start-up SkedGo. The app won the “Experience the Olympics” category of the Olympic City Transport Challenge in Rio. RioGo uses the award-winning technology behind the established TripGo brand, which has over 800,000 users worldwide.