E-hailing, ride-sharing and taxi apps have changed the way we catch a ride. We expect drivers to arrive wherever we are within minutes, and to know exactly where we need to go without us having to tell them.

The reality, however, is very different. Many of us have had to look for a driver up and down a street or walk around buildings trying to figure out which entrance they are waiting for us at. The drivers, on the other hand, waste time and therefore money trying to figure out exactly where we are.

Splyt is a London-based software company that provides services to taxi app companies, helping them expand to other countries, develop apps, and add more functionalities to their platforms. They have integrated what3words into their software, allowing their clients to offer 3 word addresses input to their users.

“At Splyt, we are always looking for ways to improve the e-hailing industry,” said Philip Mintchin, Splyt CEO. “As more and more countries rapidly adopt ride-sharing technologies, we need to find ways to accurately serve them. Our collaboration with what3words helps us deliver the much sought-after reliability and precision the industry needs, regardless of location. Part of our mission is to promote innovation in the industry and provide borderless travel across the globe, and working with what3words is definitely a step further into that direction.”

A 3 word address refers to a 3m x 3m square anywhere in the world, whether it’s a building, street corner, or park. Drivers and riders can easily find each other and get to a specific destination which removes the frustration both types of users usually have to deal with, and improves the app’s overall efficiency.