Havn passengers can now enter what3words addresses into the app to get dropped off at precise locations.

Newly launched all-electric chauffeur service, Havn, has integrated what3words. It means that now Havn passengers can be easily dropped off at precise locations, like a specific stadium entrance. The 3m square precision of what3words removes drivers’ challenges of searching for the correct drop off location and asking for extra directions. This is improving passengers’ experience and enabling more efficient route planning.

Each Havn journey is in a fully electric Jaguar I-PACE, contributing to a futuristic vision of a cleaner, safer and more sustainable London. Adding what3words as a feature highlights Havn’s commitment to providing the best experience for both passengers and chauffeurs.

Joseph Seal-Driver, Managing Director of Havn said: ‘We built Havn to provide an excellent and consistent service to our customers. Making people’s journeys seamless is central to this. We are proud to be partnering with what3words so Havn customers can quickly and easily find their chauffeur and enjoy the rest of their journey in our all-electric fleet’

Havn app using what 3 words

Giles Rhys Jones, what3words CMO, added: ‘Our London office is a perfect example of the benefit that using what3words in a mobility app brings. We’re on 65 Alfred Road, but the address geocodes to a nearby flyover. Ride-hailing services and food and e-commerce deliveries struggle to find us. When a passenger uses a what3words address in Havn, they know they will be dropped off exactly where they need to be. At the same time, chauffeurs can be confident about exactly where they are headed, without having to ask for step-by-step directions. We’re delighted that Havn are the first chauffeur service to bring this to London’.