UK taxi and chauffeur services, Ryedale’s Comfy Cars and The Rural Chauffeur have integrated what3words into its online booking portal.

Now customers can add 3 word addresses to be picked up and dropped off at exactly the right locations – meaning a smoother journey for them and increased efficiency for the taxi and chauffeur services.

‘We use what3words because the postal codes cover large areas and houses aren’t always easy to find in remote places, often with no signal to contact passengers. Passengers can use what3word addresses when calling us or booking online and we use it to make it clearer to drivers where they need to be. We have found it to be incredibly useful and use it every day’, said Robert Arrand, Founder of Ryedale’s Comfy Cars and The Rural Chauffeur.

Here’s how it works:



How did the taxi service integrate what3words?

To adopt what3words, Ryedale’s Comfy Cars and The Rural Chauffeur incorporated our Public API into its online portal. Find out more about our simple to use API here , or request access to a free API key now.