Getting around Tokyo just got easier. Users of Japanese taxi-hailing app S.RIDE can now use 3 word addresses to enter precise drop-off locations, in Japanese or English.

Whether it’s a specific building entrance, street corner or park gate, what3words allows S.RIDE users to quickly and easily tell their taxi driver exactly where in Tokyo to drop them off. 3 word addresses are more reliable than street addresses, which are often duplicated or easy to confuse. They also exist for every 3m square in the world, enabling customers to get taxis to destinations without traditional street addresses such as parks, pop-up events and markets.

By integrating what3words into its app, S.RIDE has made sure its customers can hail a taxi confident that it’ll find the correct location first time, without needing to circle around the block looking for the building entrance. All they need to do is enter the three words for their destination. More accurate drop-off information also allows S.RIDE to operate a speedier and more efficient overall service.

Speaking about the partnership, Kenji Nishiura, president and CEO of Minnano Taxi Corporation commented, ‘We are delighted to have an alliance with what3words, which is a unique and brilliant location service. S.RIDE will be much more convenient for taxi passengers to input only three words for a destination.’

Download the free what3words app now , or learn more about how what3words provides a smoother ride-hailing experience.