Easy Taxi is an e-hailing app used across Latin America, helping millions of riders effortlessly connect with drivers every day. To make getting to an exact destination easier, Easy Taxi now accepts what3words on its platform.

what3words has divided the world into 3m squares and given each one a unique 3 word address. For example, ///stars.long.entitle is a specific spot in Praia de Copacabana.

People can enter 3 word addresses to specify exactly where they’d like to be dropped off. This means that drivers and riders can easily find rider’s destinations and end exactly where they should. No time, money or fuel is wasted driving around looking for the drop-off points.

what3words is available in over 35 languages, including Spanish and Portuguese. With a simple way to talk about precise locations, both riders and drivers have a seamless experience using Easy Taxi.

Receiving and finding 3 word addresses

People can find 3 word addresses in guides, published on a business’ website or anywhere they would normally find location information.

They might receive an email, text message, or calendar invite for a meeting at a 3 word address.

If they’re invited to a friend’s house for dinner, they can ask them to share their homes’ 3 word address.

If they’re going to a known location like a stadium, but the exact entrance they want to get dropped off at doesn’t have an address, they can find its 3 word address on the free what3words app or online map.

In this case, they would enter the name of the stadium into the search bar, switch to satellite view to see more detail, then drag the map until the square at the correct entrance is selected.

Once riders have found or received a 3 word address, they can enter it into Easy Taxi.

Find out more about what3words for ride-hailing and navigation.