Travel has become increasingly convenient and predictable. At the same time, our addiction to the internet and social media mean that, even when we’re on holiday, we spend a lot of time looking at the screen.

Award-winning lifestyle travel group, Black Tomato Travel are using what3words as part of an exciting solution: a groundbreaking ‘Get Lost’ service that sees travellers dropped in a remote mystery location, anywhere in the world. From there, they have to explore their way out, under the distant watch of an experienced safety team.


Travellers are given a list of check-in points, each listed with their 3 word address. what3words provides the travellers with simple and user-friendly offline navigation, even in some of the most unchartered landscapes. Before what3words, the only other way to navigate precisely offline was with GPS coordinates, but these 16-digit strings of numbers are prone to input errors; just one number typed wrong could send a traveller far off course.

With a reliable offline navigation system, Black Tomato’s customers can completely disconnect from the stresses of everyday life and fully experience their incredible surroundings, whilst still being able to find their way safely and accurately.