Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia’s capital city, is attracting a growing number of foreign tourists thanks to its vibrant nightlife and bohemian culture. But the city is notoriously difficult to navigate, with few street names and inconsistent building numbers. Couple this with an unfamiliar language and alphabet, and you’ll see why many travellers struggle to experience all the city has to offer.

Niislel Guide is a monthly shopping and entertainment guide for Ulaanbaatar. Each issue highlights upcoming events and recommends new places to explore. A printed version of the magazine is handed out across the city’s cafes and hotels, and a free pdf version can be downloaded from their Facebook page.

The guide has partnered with what3words, printing a 3 word address alongside every place featured in the magazine. This simple system is accurate to 3m x 3m, allowing locals and tourists alike to easily find the places mentioned, and navigate right to the specific entrance, rather than the building as a whole. The partnership will help to open up Ulaanbaatar’s unique and diverse culture to visitors, whilst also encouraging locals to explore new parts of their own city.

“Niislel Guide collaborates with new and interesting places which are usually impossible for tourists or new-comers to find” said Zolboot Zorigt, Executive Director of Niislel Guide. “Ulaanbaatar locals use well-known buildings as landmarks for orientation. We very seldom use street names. what3words has solved this problem for us. With its help we easily can find places anywhere in our capital”.