In our “always-on” world, customers increasingly expect their purchases to reach them quickly and conveniently. Drone delivery is poised to shake up the on-demand delivery space, allowing even faster delivery times straight into the customer’s hands.

But drones require precise location information to make a delivery, and traditional addresses, where they exist at all, aren’t precise enough to identify a drone landing spot. Most drone systems use GPS coordinates, but the long strings of numbers, are notoriously human-unfriendly and prone to error, making them inaccessible to the general public.

Hylio is a US-based company that build both delivery drones and the software to guide them to their destination. They have integrated what3words into their drones, allowing delivery companies to offer their customers delivery to a simple 3 word address. This is more user-friendly and easier to remember than coordinates, and allows companies to reach their customers faster and more efficiently.

“what3words provides an innovative customer facing solution” said Mike Oda, co-founder of Hylio. “It bridges the gap between the human and the machine, and will allow us to expand our user base. We’re very excited to be offering this new service to our customers”.

Using 3 word addresses for aerial delivery opens up drone technology to more businesses and customers. And with drones able to land almost anywhere, receiving deliveries on the move could soon become the norm.