Drone technology can offer huge business opportunities in industries such as aerial surveying and inspections, exploration, precision agriculture and peer-to-peer delivery.

Most systems use GPS coordinates to accurately direct drones to the correct location, which becomes problematic with manual input as the long strings of numbers are prone to human error. Some systems allow users to point and click locations on a map, but this is less accurate and can be time consuming.

Based in London, Overscout has built an online platform that gives businesses a simple and efficient way to access drone technology as and when they need it.

The platform allows enterprises to enter a mission request for any commercial drone service, before connecting to an online network of approved and qualified drone operators who can complete the work.

The addition of what3words means communicating waypoints and areas of operation for drone missions is more efficient and user-friendly. Takeoff and landing zones for each location are entered simply and accurately using 3 word addresses. It provides the same degree of location accuracy as GPS without the complexity or risk of human errors.

“Integrating what3words into our maps made so much sense that I didn’t need to think twice” said Julius Vinton CEO of Overscout. “Our drone operators have to know where clients are requesting them to fly and it is especially difficult to communicate precise locations that are out in the field. We practically eliminated misunderstandings thanks to what3words.”

Using 3 word addresses to make drone technology more accessible means that more businesses will be able to take advantage of aerial services, without the need for specialist or technical knowledge.