what3words-enabled Products

Explore the full range of products and integrations built by what3words and our partners. See if your favourite products are what3words-enabled!

  • DHL Parcel

    DHL UK can now deliver to customers’ what3words addresses via the DHLParcel app.

  • Evri Parcels

    Evri, one of the leading consumer delivery companies in the UK, has integrated what3words into its consumer facing app, so that customers can input their precise preferred delivery location with just three words.

  • BJS Home Delivery

    BJS Home Delivery provides two-man home delivery in the UK. Customers can now give a what3words address for their precise delivery location, enabling a more efficient service.

  • UPS Eirad

    The logistics company UPS in Saudi Arabia enables customers to share a what3words address so deliveries can find their accurate destination with ease.

  • Evri

    Evri, one of the leading UK consumer delivery companies, has integrated what3words. Its retail partners can now share more precise location information for deliveries, resulting in a better experience for both drivers and customers.

  • DB eSchenker Platform

    DBSchenker online delivery management system has integrated what3words for more efficient, more reliable deliveries and improved customer service.

  • GoGoX

    Korean logistics company GoGoX enables B2B and B2C customers to submit a what3words address at checkout for smooth deliveries.

  • Absolutely Courier

    This transport management software (TMS) enables couriers to deliver orders to what3words locations.

  • DPD

    Customers can now add a what3words address to the DPD consumer app to pinpoint an exact delivery location.

  • Quickpac

    This Swiss parcel delivery service has integrated what3words, enabling customers to give precise delivery locations.

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

    This Microsoft business management system embedded what3words so users can pinpoint entrances, equipment and other precise on-site locations.

  • Experian

    Experian has integrated what3words into its Aperture Data Studio to help with customer address verification.

  • Metapack

    Delivery management software company Metapack has integrated with what3words for more accurate last mile delivery.

  • Moving Intelligence

    This logistics and infrastructure software provider uses what3words for efficient route planning.

  • myDTDC app

    This Indian logistics platform has added what3words as an optional field to its app address page so customers can provide a precise delivery address.

  • Naqel Express

    This one-stop logistics company has enabled its users to collect precise locations from customers at checkout.

  • Shuttle Delivery

    This food delivery and catering services provider has added what3words to its webpage enabling customers to specify an exact delivery location.

  • Asyad Express

    Customers in Oman can use what3words to get their deliveries exactly where they want them.

  • LineS

    The LineS Delivery Platform and App are new tools to help haulage drivers. what3words helps drivers locate warehouses and other points of interest, including loading bays.

  • Peyk

    This instant 24/7 courier service has integrated what3words so that customers can enter the what3words address of their parcel’s exact destination. This helps drivers deliver efficiently.

  • Ecom Express

    This logistics company is using what3words for last-mile deliveries so parcels arrive in exactly the right place.

  • Flow Progressive Logistics

    This third-party logistics company accepts what3words addresses from retailers and converts them to coordinates for accurate deliveries.

  • GFS

    This order management platform can collect what3words addresses from customers and share them with fulfilment carriers for precise deliveries.

  • Safe Arrival

    This shipping company in Saudi Arabia accepts what3words addresses from retailers to improve delivery efficiencies.

  • Westbike

    This bike courier service accepts what3words addresses for precise deliveries to customers around Jakarta Barat

  • Locus

    Locus is a technology platform which automates human decisions in supply chain to provide efficiency, transparency, and consistency in logistics operations. Locus is working with what3words to provide optimized routes and logistics cost savings.

  • Carriyo

    Carriyo is an e-commerce logistics software for stores including Sephora, Lacoste and L’Occitane. It accepts what3words addresses to make last-mile deliveries more efficient.

  • Dalilee

    This last-mile courier in Oman has added what3words to its Shipper App so orders can be delivered to a precise location.

  • GLT Express

    This logistics service provider has integrated what3words, allowing them to receive precise location information from retailers.

  • Night Star Express

    This logistics provider specialising in overnight delivery uses what3words to pinpoint delivery locations.