Hey, I’m Natacha. I grew up in Geneva and I’m always enthusiastic when people ask me about my homeplace. I could talk about things to see, do, or eat for hours. To narrow it down and give you an original approach to the city, I’d like to tell you about its beautiful waters and the best places to enjoy them – with what3words addresses of course!

1. The fountain

To feel the full height and beauty of the fountain and get so close you could literally take a shower(!) go to the pier at ///nagging.busy.musical.

Depending on the occasion, the fountain lights up during the night with a specific colour, for example, a full rainbow for LGBTQ Pride. One word of warning: depending on the wind levels, the fountain is sometimes turned off, in order to protect the buildings nearby.

Huge fountain shooting water up into the air

2. Where two rivers meet

There are two main rivers in Geneva: the Rhône, which goes out of the lake and is transparent, and the Arve, which arrives directly from the mountains and is more milky in colour. Their encounter is a mesmerizing spectacle with their waters gradually mixing. You can see it from above on a train bridge accessible by foot from ///identify.awkward.luck which is best at sunrise. You can get a good view on the ground at ///erupts.plenty.drove.

Two rivers joining to form a confluence
Photograph by Guilhem Vellut

3. Swimming in the Rhône

If you’re a good swimmer, definitely try and swim in the Rhône river during summertime. I love it and swim there almost every day. Take a dry bag and put your clothes, valuables and lunch in it, then hop in the water at ///arch.bouncing.homework which is the location of the Bâteau du Rhône stairs. Next, climb out of the water on the same river side, before the Arve meets the Rhône at ///hobbies.belonged.rational. At this exit point, there’s a nice wooden deck and a small bar where you can buy drinks, snacks and ice cream.

crowd overlook people on rafts in a river

Make sure to read the security drill before swimming in the Rhône river and about the water temperature and flow here.

4. Swim and fondue at the Bains des Pâquis

The lake at the Bains des Pâquis is a historical and very popular place to swim. As there’s no current, it’s great for children too. Buy your ticket to access the pier at ///bound.neat.groomed.

Public bath houses on a pier
Photograph by Patrick Nouhailler

Aside from swimming, the Bains des Pâquis is actually one of the best places to enjoy fondue in Geneva! I love sharing a good fondue with my friends on the terrace during the summer at ///starch.impose.fund. Yes, fondue, in the summer. We Swiss people do eat fondue at all times of the year!

Selfie of two woman in the sun

This photo was taken at the exit point. I’m wearing the sunglasses. Would you guess we’re still in a city?

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