Altereo is a large French holding company for a number of engineering-consultancies and IT companies that develop infrastructure and utility management solutions for a global customer base.

To make it even simpler for its clients to manage their assets, Altereo has integrated what3words into its KIS (Knowledge Information System), which is an advanced online GIS platform. Now, customers can easily identify any object’s location, for example a water meter, by searching for its 3 word address directly in the platform. The integration also offers easy discovery of 3 word addresses for any given asset.

A significant number of Altereo’s global customers are located on the African continent or countries where a lack of street addressing has, historically, presented many challenges for asset management systems. Now, with human-friendly and accurate 3 word addresses, KIS makes it simple for utilities and local governments to quickly dispatch teams to exactly the right place.

Christian Laplaud, CEO said: ‘what3words is a leading edge geolocation solution. We instantly saw its potential for bringing even more value to our advanced software system. I’m excited to see all the possibilities it offers combined with KIS.’