Health and safety

In an emergency, staff and contractors on the ground can give the what3words address for their exact location so help can find them faster. Be prepared and boost workplace safety by pre-loading the what3words work app on company devices.

Asset management

what3words makes it easy to communicate the precise location of assets and sites, report incidents and coordinate operations on the ground. It’s simple to integrate into your existing tools with the API or GIS extensions.

Incident reporting

The what3words FindMe link can be sent to customers by SMS. It displays the device’s current what3words address, making it easy to give the exact location of an incident. The three words can also be typed directly into a what3words-enabled online reporting form .

How it works
Construction worker speaking what3words address into two-way radio


A customer or employee reports the what3words location for an asset or incident.

Construction worker sharing what3words location on device


The recipient enters it into the app or what3words-enabled tool and shares it with the relevant team.

Construction site at what3words address beyond.jump.wizard


The team navigates to that exact location using the app.

What people are saying
'[what3words] is saving time and lives by helping us make incidents safe as quickly as possible. It's a great addition to our toolkit.'

- Paul Osbourne, Overhead Line Team Call Hander

Network Rail logo
'[Our] drivers will hopefully feel safer knowing that the recovery service can locate them quickly, even in remote or unfamiliar locations'

- Austin Paul, Business Manager, Network Rail Road Fleet

'Many of our people work in remote, rural locations often with poor mobile signal [so] we're encouraging the use of the what3words app.'

- Dylan Roberts, Director Health, Safety and Wellbeing